Yale First Nation Final Agreement Effective Date

(2) Despite the Personal Data Protection Act, each of the following entities definitively considered that, on February 5, 2010 and after February 5, 2010, it had the legal authority to collect, use and disclose personal data, to the extent necessary to determine the right of individuals to register in accordance with the final agreement of Yale First Nation , and ratified this agreement by the Yale First Nation. all this in accordance with the procedures set out in this agreement: f. to establish and publish, after updating the list of eligible voters in accordance with 26.5.2, a definitive list of voters entitled to vote for each vote; 26.8.2 Before it comes into force, the chief negotiators of the contracting parties may agree to correct any drafting, grammar or typography errors identified in this Agreement and corrections may be added to the final pressure of this Agreement after it comes into force. The status quo is not sustainable. Currently, it can take up to 30 years to reach an agreement that creates financial liabilities for Aboriginal groups, makes them debts and hinders economic development. It has also created a bargaining industry that has no incentive to reach an agreement. That is why Aboriginal groups, provinces and the private sector have long called for a more efficient and effective process. Modern contracts and self-management agreements bring many economic benefits to Aboriginal communities and to all Canadians. 12.

Subject to the provisions of Chapter 22 of the agreement, dealing with the continued application of the Indian Act and the provisions of 21.5.1 to 21.5.6 of the Agreement, Indian law does not apply to Yale First Nation, Yale First Nation Members, Yale First Nation Government, Yale First Nation Government, Yale First Nation Corporations or Yale Nation First Nation Corporations as of the agreement comes into force. , with the exception of determining whether a person is an Indian. 25.8.2 On an application for judicial review under item 25.8.1, the Supreme Court of British Columbia may dismiss the motion, refer the decision or refer the matter to the Enrolment Board or an agency established under 25.7, as instructed by the Tribunal.