Management Fee Agreement Contract

(f) Each of the parties heresibly waives, to the widest possible extent, a right that it may have, directly or indirectly, under an action, procedure or counter-action (on the basis of contracts, an unlawful act or otherwise) under this agreement or the proposed transactions. (d) limitation of liability. Under no circumstances is an executive or an compensated party liable to the company or any of its related companies (i) for indirect damages, accidental or consecutive, including, but not limited, to loss of earnings or savings, whether such damages are foreseeable or not, or any third-party claim (contractual, unauthorized or otherwise) resulting from or related to transactions or services or other services that are considered or who have suffered or are likely to have suffered it in this agreement or in the undertaking of this director, in accordance with this agreement or the execution of this agreement by that director, services or other services provided for in this agreement, or who have undergone it or who may have claimed it, on the date or date of this agreement , to: , with respect to an act or omission constituting intentional misconduct, bad faith or fraud, as determined by a definitive, unquestionable finding of a competent court or (ii) of an amount that goes beyond the taxes actually levied by that administrator in that jurisdiction. (iii) Neither the officers nor their related companies are liable to the company or any of its related companies for the breach of a duty (contractual or otherwise) arising from activities or omissions of the types covered by this section 9, point b), or such a person.153s. The contract includes an agreement on administrative royalties, which provides for compensation on the basis of the proposed tax attached in Appendix D by the bidder to the tax proposal and which can be negotiated by the parties. Copies of the current directive, statutes and investment policies and the practical rule of THE PERA (PERA rule 2.80.300 NMAC) (see Appendix F) are attached to the contract. SECTION 5. Refunds. In addition to the royalties provided by this agreement, the entity pays directly or reimburses each manager and each of its associated companies for its out-of-pocket expenses (as defined below). For the purposes of this agreement, “out-of-pocket expenses” are defined as the costs and exit costs incurred by each trustee and his related companies, whether generated before or after the date of this agreement in relation to transactions and services (including prior to closing) provided by them under this agreement.

, or to make the Securities and Exchange Commission and other legal declarations related to the property. , directly or indirectly, the shares of the company, its controlling persons or subsidiaries by that manager or its subsidiaries or, from time to time, by that manager or his related companies, from time to time, in the context of the subsequent ownership or sale or transfer of the company`s capital stock, its controlling persons or its subsidiaries by that manager or its related companies. , including, but not limited to (a) royalties and payments from experts and independent organizations, including independent experts, external legal advisors or consultants, retained by this manager or by one of its related companies, and (b) costs related to external services or independent contractors such as financial printers, couriers , commercial publications, online financial services or similar services retained or used by this manager or by one of its related entities. and (c) transportation, plan costs, word processing costs or similar expenses that are not related to these managers153s or its associated businesses153 ordinary transactions.