Ellensburg School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Ellensburg School District promotes a positive and productive environment of education and work, without discrimination, including sexual harassment. The borough prohibits sexual harassment of students, employees and others involved in the school district`s activities. The borough created this website to inform the municipality of collective bargaining with employees of the Kittitas School District, represented by unions. The Kittitas Education Association (KEA) represents teachers and other certified organizations; Employees of Kittitas Public School (PES) occupy other ranked positions, including bus drivers, cooks, animators, paraptulators and secretaries. Sexual harassment can be an adult student, an adult student, an adult student, a man to a woman, a woman to a man, a man and a female. The District will take immediate, fair and remedial action within its authority in the form of reports, complaints and complaints about sexual harassment, which will be brought to its attention formally or informally. In the Ellensburg School District, we believe that the service and support we provide increases the success of the entire school system. Our goal is to attract and retain the best possible collaborators in order to offer our students first-class training. Our goal is to recruit extraordinarily qualified administrators, teachers and support staff who are dedicated to creating a safe and positive learning environment in which every student is appreciated, challenged, encouraged and has the opportunity to become a productive citizen. Applicants from different backgrounds are invited to apply.

Information on these websites provides an archive of the efforts made so far by the negotiating teams to reach an agreement on the renewal of trade union contracts: . You have an incomplete application so that there is no deposit. Unfortunately, this position is no longer available. Please select a different order than the one listed below. . Please note that if you are interested in volunteering for more than one school or department/program, there is no need to complete and submit individual volunteer forms. The information in our volunteer program database is distributed to all schools and departments/programs in the Ellensburg School District. Employment in Ellensburg Thank you for your interest in serving our students! The link below helps qualified people find their Ellensburg school team! . Please note that the Ellensburg School District does not extend the coverage of laboratories and industries to volunteers who may be injured while volunteering. You have an incomplete application that has not been filed.

Do you want to continue working on this app? Yes, take me for my candidacy. | No, I don`t want to apply for this job. The Ellensburg School District has developed policies and procedures for students and adults to work and learn in an environment free of sexual harassment.